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Jean Charles Zébo

Designer - Architect

Saturday 31 May 2014, by webmaster

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DPLG architect, designer, space designer, teacher at the Ecole d’Enseignement Supérieur d’Art de Bordeaux, Jean Charles Zébo works with the SAS Ateliers MAJCZ, in association with Martine Arrivet.
Amongst the company’s references : the rehabilitation and extension of the Musée des Beaux Arts de Bordeaux, the printing centre of the Sud-Ouest newspaper [winner of the CRAMA prize in 2005 for the quality of the workplace], the Bernard Magrez cultural institute, the Maison Leia in Lège Cap Ferre [2004 Aquitaine winner of the public’s prize for architecture], the Maison des Aulnes at La Tremblade, the centre for archaeological research at Château de Campagne in Dordogne, the scenography of the Mutations at the Entrepôts Lainés in Bordeaux [in association with Jean Nouvel], the scenography of Brazil Body and Soul at the Guggenheim Museum in New York [in association with Jean Nouvel].
The ambiguity of the term “material”, theme of the workshop, and the initial uncertainty around the scales of the projects’ intervention have made it possible to first identify, group by group, the different areas of interest of the students of the three schools, to debate them and to confront with one another in order to initiate the collective work. Research has been “supervised” in an adjusted way, on a case by case basis, depending on the specificity of the initial stakes. This year it would appear that the innovative nature of the propositions is linked to a position which deliberately hesitates between different scales: an item of clothing creates the transformation of a public place, a public place affects the state of mind of a passer-by, a passer-by produces energy by walking which is used to light up architecture, architecture creates new paths for an individual to walk along, an individual wears clothes which will no longer change with time …

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