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Saturday 31 May 2014, by webmaster

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For the summer of 2014, the theme for work and research will once more be anchored in a regional context: the Atlantic Ocean, dunes, moors, forests, sunny vacations on the beach.

In Aquitaine the number of overnight stays by tourists from outside the region remains around 80 million per year: 42 million for the summer vacation period (May-September). That is, 280,000 tourists per day, who come to the region by way of international airports, using the major highway networks or on fast TGV trains.

The workshop Holidays will take a look at this summer population from outside the region: what these tourists do, where they stay, how they move, organize their time and come and go. The vacationing population is cheerful and relaxed but nevertheless ready to experiment with different ways of life and open to innovative arrangements and configurations.

The presence of summer holiday-makers causes an intense and rapid mutation of the territory, which itself adapts to the dense population and habits of the vacationers as well as their movements and desire for beautiful landscapes. The vacationers likewise adapt themselves to the territory in which they choose to spend their holidays.

Is it possible to envisage new services, objects, architecture, and spatial arrangements for these temporary inhabitants who spend their summers in our region?

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