During the summer of 2012, the workshop Marchons marchons based its innovative research on regional savoir faire with regard to the creation and industrialization of shoes.

In 2013, Vini Vidi Vinci concentrated on wine culture, wine-making, and the care taken in developing the vineyards and landscapes of Bordeaux.

For the summer of 2014, the theme for work and research will once more be anchored in a regional context: the Atlantic Ocean, dunes, moors, forests, sunny vacations on the beach.


For the summer of 2014, the theme for work and research will once more be anchored in a regional context: the Atlantic Ocean, dunes, moors, forests, sunny vacations on the beach.

In Aquitaine the number of overnight stays by tourists from outside the region remains around 80 million per year: 42 million for the summer vacation period (May-September). That is, 280,000 tourists per day, who come to the region by way of international airports, using the major highway networks or on fast TGV trains.

The workshop Holidays will take a look at this summer population from outside the region: what these tourists do, where they stay, how they move, organize their time and come and go. The vacationing population is cheerful and relaxed but nevertheless ready to experiment with different ways of life and open to innovative arrangements and configurations.

The presence of summer holiday-makers causes an intense and rapid mutation of the territory, which itself adapts to the dense population and habits of the vacationers as well as their movements and desire for beautiful landscapes. The vacationers likewise adapt themselves to the territory in which they choose to spend their holidays.

Is it possible to envisage new services, objects, architecture, and spatial arrangements for these temporary inhabitants who spend their summers in our region?

le temps des vacances

Le workshop Holidays will observe this relationship between the community of vacationers and its territory on multiple scales (those of the architecture, of object design or of the landscape) and will consider several aspects respectively: from the small object that every vacationer carries on him (glasses, beach towel) to the seaside promenade several kilometers long, and from the ephemeral (the time it takes to have a swim in the ocean) to the long-term (the progressive erosion of the dune due to tourists). It is a question of first investigating summer habits and “ways of doing” that one can observe on the Aquitaine coast, even deconstructing certain preconceived ideas or widespread notions, and then to establish research on specific issues. This research will rely on the realization of constructions, prototypes and/or one-of-a-kind pieces manufactured by the industrial partners.

The group research of the Holidays workshop will concern three principal issues.

research and issues


école d’enseignement supérieur d’art de bordeaux

L’EBABX – Ecole d’Enseignement Supérieur d’Art de Bordeaux is one of the main French higher education institutions specialised in Art and Design.

The teaching is based on a work of research and production, within research and creation workshops, as well as theoretical seminars, residences or workshops put in place with many regional, national and international institutions and structures. The Masters level develops research specific to the field of design, covering graphics, industrial or other objects, and scenography, through actions, interventions and editions which are made public. The design workshop activities are mainly based on collaboration with public or private partners, companies, public bodies, architects, designers, engineers or scientists or other Master level schools. “Arts and techniques” is one of the research themes of the EBABX Product Service system.

teaching team

  • Emmanuel Gallina


  • Jean Charles Zébo

    Designer - Architect

  • Hélène Soulier

    Architect landscapist

  • Didier Lechenne

    graphic designer

  • Jeanne Quéheillard

    theoretician and critic

  • Barbara Camocini

    Architect and PhD in Interior and Exhibition Design

  • Laura Galluzzo


Several types of partners will participate in the realization of the Holidays workshop: local industrial partners who will make the prototypes and one-of-a-kind pieces with the students, service partners and scientific partners whose shared experience will enable the students to structure their research.


Matériaux mélaminé outdoor _ Panneaux verticaux _ Bardage extérieur …
Polyrey SAS, 700 route de Bergerac
24150 Baneuil

Mobilier urbain _ Structures inox …
1901 Route de Maremne
40180 Saubusse

GVA, Générale de Voilerie Aquitaine
Bache _ tissu outdoor Ferrari …
19 rue des Fougères
34450 Saint Loubes

Bois usage extérieur _ Bardage _ Structures bois …
2, allée de Kaolack
33700 Mérignac

Chantier naval _ Réalisation pinasse
Port de Meyran Ouest BP 67
33 470 Gujan Mestras


Produits et matériaux des forets cultivées
Campus Bordeaux Sciences agro
1 cours du Général de Gaulle CS 40 201
33170 Gradignan

Institut technologique
Allée de Boutaut – BP 227
33028 Bordeaux cedex

BP 50 330 - Le Pyla
33164 La Teste Cedex



Following the realization of constructions, prototypes and one-of-a-kind pieces, the collective research will be the subject of a travelling exhibition.